technologically advanced manufacturing facilitiesOur state-of-the-art production lines enable NBF to produce the best quality packaging materials

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Polypropylene bags (PP woven bags)

PP bags can be customized to the client’s required specifications: size, color, and design.

PP bags are used for packing flour, feed, grains, bran, seeds, salt, sugar, rice, chemicals, fertilizers, sand, etc… PP bags can be laminated upon customer preference.

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AD*STAR® bags (valve bags)

AdStar bags are used for packing cement, gypsum, flour, sand, plasters, tile fix, chemicals, etc… AdStar bags are demanded range of outstanding characteristics including:
  • Durable and strong
  • Long shelf life
  • Water resistant
  • Light in weight
  • Better stacking on pallets
  • Better performance in shipping
  • Competitive price compared to paper sacks.

AdStar (valve bags) can be of any color, size, and printed with up to 6 colors using state of art machines from Starlinger Austria.

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PP rolls (with or without lamination)

Made of virgin polypropylene raw material, a PP roll can be up to 5000 meter long. It can be of any color, mesh, denier, UV, lamination.
Note: our looms are running without oil for better lamination adhesive.

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LD rolls, or LD bags

LD Rolls are widely used in the making of packing bags due to their premium quality and strength. These rolls are manufactured using high density polyethylene virgin raw material in line with the highest industry standards. They can be used for packaging film, pallet wrapping, pallet packaging, etc…
LDPE can be arranged in rolls and cut bags.

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